Toronto Emergency Plumbing Essentials

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  Contrary to popular belief, there are some plumbing emergencies most people can handle themselves.  While there are some plumbing emergencies that homeowners cannot handle on their own, they can most assuredly make it easy for professionals to make the repair if they know what to do. Understanding the plumbing installation in your own home is a great help in handling unexpected failures.  It is important to know the location of the water mains cutoff, the gas supply valve, and the main electrical breakers.  These help homeowners deal with small plumbing failures in a calm and rational manner. Here are a few types of emergencies you can run into and how to deal with them properly:

  1. Burst water pipes:  First thing to do is shut of the main water supply valve which is next to the water meter.  Then you need to contain the leak so it does not damage anything else in your home.  Once the leaked water is contained, you can start to check the exact location of the leak and if it is possible to isolate it from the rest of the system.  If there is a cut-off valve near to the damage, shut that off so you can turn on the water supply to the rest of the home.  Then you can call Toronto emergency plumbing for permanent repairs.  Good companies such as Canada Pipe Lining Technologies Ltd. handle such jobs routinely.


  1. Blocked toilets:  Most blocked toilets respond well to a dose of detergent and the use of a toilet pump.  If a first attempt fails, you can try flushing the toilet with a mixture of detergent and boiling water. The few instances when those tactics don’t work are when you need to call licensed plumbers for help.  You can easily find good plumbers through the Plumber’s Residential Council Ontario or similar trade organizations.


  1. Blocked drains:  Blocked drains can usually be unblocked using a drain pump or snake wire.  When you suspect the blockage is caused by grease, you can first try a detergent and hot water mixture.   If that still does not work, you can use chemical unblocking liquids – just make sure you follow all safety instructions especially with regard to eye and splash protection.  If that still fails, you can call the plumber.


  1. Leaking water heaters:  Water heater leaks are best handled by professionals.  To limit the damage to your home and to make the plumber’s job easier, you need to isolate and shut it off properly.  Shut off water supply to the heater, drain all water from the unit and make sure the gas supply or electrical supply to the heater is also turned off.  Make sure the unit itself is also turned off.


  1. Overheated water heater:  Water heaters overheat due to the failure of thermostats and / or pressure relief valves.  The symptoms are manifested through very hot water or even steam coming out of your faucets.  In that condition, the first thing to do is cut off power supply to the (gas or electric) heater.  Let the supply of cold water continue to cool the heater, and then drain the heater of any water.  Then you can call city of Toronto emergency plumbing services.

As with most everything else, in dealing with plumbing emergencies, there is no substitute for knowledge and preparation.

Toronto Property Management Companies – When Should You Hire A Property Manager

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Many small property owners who do not have the time to manage their condos and apartments have turned to Toronto property management companies for help.  Many of these property management companies, especially members of such organizations as the Canadian Condominium Institute, are very professional.  However, not all

Toronto property management companies and firms are created equal and choosing the right one is very important.

But what considerations should drive you to hire a property manager to manage the renting out of your condos and apartments?  Here is a list of possible considerations:

a)       If you only have a few units to rent out and the income from those does not justify the amount of time you have to spend attending to tenants’ concerns in the middle of the night.  In such cases, as long as you can still remain cash-positive, paying 5% to 10% in management fees may be a worthwhile investment.

b)       If you have a lot of units and you cannot physically attend to the needs of all the tenants.  When you reach this point, there is no other choice but to look for help.  Better retain the services of experienced and highly qualified people from property management Toronto.

c)       If you do not live near your rental property.  It is hard to deal with tenant and maintenance issues if you do not live nearby.  In such cases, the services of a property management company which operates in the rental property’s locale should be retained.

d)       If you have no interest in hands-on management of your property.  Some property owners rent out condos and apartments to gain some extra income.  They are not interested in dealing with emergency repair and maintenance requirements and the other responsibilities that come with being a landlord.  So long as hiring the services of a property manager does not push them into the red, it would be a good investment in peace of mind.

But if you want to make renting out properties your main source of income and you are not afraid to take on the duties and responsibilities of a landlord, you should consider taking property management courses Toronto.

Custom Home Builders Mississauga On Client Relations

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Renovations and building new homes are complex projects that require a fair amount of monitoring and management.   Though most of them have many
years of home construction experience, custom home builders Mississauga still approach each new project with a lot of caution.  They know that there are cases when a single misstep can mean the difference between successful completion and financial losses.

Preferred custom home builders in Mississauga are wise enough to know that the keys to any successful project always involve good communications with the client, constant monitoring, and continually taking whatever corrective actions may be necessary to get the project back on track.  The biggest aspect they put most emphasis on is maintaining good relations with the client.

Maintaining good client relations start when a prospective client asks for an initial consultation that new home builders Mississauga almost always provide for free.  During the initial consultation building contractors need to be able to project their competence.  They need to find out exactly what the client requires and study them to determine if they are practical or if it is even possible to accomplish as the client wants.  If not, building contractors are expected to be as helpful as possible in explaining why, and providing a more viable and practical alternative.

Maintaining complete honesty prevents the client from having expectations that cannot be met.  The code of ethics of most Canadian builders associations including the  Canadian Home Builders’ Association gives a summary of what it generally takes to keep clients happy:  “deal honestly and fairly with their customers and stand behind the quality of their work and service commitments.”

During the project, the builder should provide periodic progress reports that compare actual work accomplished against agreed schedule.  Any problems with cost, delivery schedule, change order impacts, materials and manning should immediately be discussed with the client, and solutions immediately implemented.  The most amazing top home builder in Mississauga puts client relations at the top of his list of priorities right along with providing quality work.

The effort building contractors take to keep working relations with their client smooth may just save them from a costly and potentially career damaging lawsuit.